Film Camp

Make more than a friendship bracelet; make your own short film!

At David Gray Studios film camp, students will craft a short film from concept to final cut in just 10 days. This is a unique opportunity to work with an award-winning team while gaining the experience and footage on a real movie.

Actors will get film credit, two tickets to our DG Studios film festival, and the winning films from our festival will be entered into major festivals around the country. 

2024  Camps Dates:
June 17-28 & July 8-19

What are you doing this summer?

For $1500, you can be a part of our 10-Day Masterclass Camps, which includes:
  • 10 days of camp: 5 Days writing and rehearsing, 5 days filming
  • With the extended camp, you get to be a part of the editing process
  • More screen time & more experience
  • Film Credit & Copy
  • Two tickets to the DGS Film Festival
  • Completed Films will be entered into major festivals across the country


Meet The Production Crew

Curt Mega | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

Curt Mega


As a DG Studios instructor and experienced actor, Curt is heading up Film Camp. Read more about your next director here!

Lucy Loken | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

Lucy Loken


Lucy doesn’t just help you sign up for camp, but is helping to produce your film! Ask her more before your next class. 

David Gray | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

David Gray


As DG Studio’s founder, he is backing and producing your work! Click here to read more about David. 

Dylan Nalbandian | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

Dylan Nalbandian

Associate Producer

The same Dylan that signs you up for class is also assisting in all of the production work on the films that come from camp!

Our Previous Films/Credits

Work From Previous Camps

The Ticket Trap!

2023 Summer Camp Film

The Rehearsal

2022 Summer Camp Film

Cruisin' For A Newsin'

2022 Summer Camp Film

Babysitter Nightmare!

2022 Summer Camp Film


2021 Summer Camp Film