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David Gray Studios - Burbank

DG Studios is a vocational acting school, meaning that its focus is not simply on the art of acting, but on the entire profession of acting. As a result, DG Studios emphasizes the skills that actors need in order to successfully audition and book acting jobs.

DG Studios is one of the most effective ways to work as an actor. With decades of experience and hundreds of alumni who have gone on to book series and movies, there’s a good reason why Entertainment Tonight calls DG Studios “Hollywood’s Star-Making Machine.”

Entertainment Tonight

Acting and Audition Classes

At DG Studios, we are laser focused on booking our students, so we have a range of acting classes to fit your needs as an artist

TV & Film/Audition Technique

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Scene Study

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Commercial Audition Technique

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Voice Over & Animation

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Musical Theater

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David Gray Coaching

Train With The Best

Private Coaching

Interested in private coaching? Whether it’s ongoing instruction, or coaching for self-tapes, DG Studios has the best instructors that are working in the industry now. If we can book ourselves, we can book you!

Private coaching is available in-person and online via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc to fit your needs. 

Get Actual On-Set Experience

Summer Film Camp

What are you doing this summer? Make more than a friendship bracelet, make a movie! At DG Studios film camp, students will craft a short film from concept to final cut in just 5 days.

2023 Summer Camp starts June 19th!

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