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Who Founded David Gray Studios?

David Gray Studios was (surprise!) founded by David Gray.

David has always been a student of the theater, graduating from Laguardia High School for The Arts and moved on to study under Uta Hagen and Stella Adler in New York. He has performed on Broadway, in movie pictures, and been cast as a series regular a number of times.

You can read his full bio here.

Why was David Gray Studios founded?

David began teaching in another studio as a favor to a friend. Something about the coaching session clicked, and after only one night of teaching, he knew that he wanted to continue. It is not only fulfilling for himself, but where he feels can leave his greatest artistic footprint.

What can a new student expect when they come to David Gray Studios?

DG Studios is a vocational acting school. Everyone who comes to us is hustling. It is not only our goal to build students from the ground up, but take the tools that they already have and help them apply them effectively.

We of course want to see you develop in your craft while you are in our classroom, but most important is that you are able to put it into action and build your career as an actor.

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