Scene Study

Our Adult class is taught by acclaimed actor, writer, and director John Posey. We also offer a Kid’s class taught by Curt Mega.

Our scene study class provides students with a strong foundation in their artistry. 


In our scene study class, you will take a deep dive into the actors process of working with long form scenes. This is a great class for new actors that want to give themselves a strong foundation of their craft, or seasoned veterans that want to gain mastery of their instrument.

What can you expect to learn?

  1.  A strong base and methodology of acting
  2.  Understanding of acting and all its facets: story telling, character development, and theory structure
  3.  Long Form Scenes

Class Schedule




4-5:30 pm
Kids, Hybrid




6-7:30 pm
Teens & Young Adults, hybrid

7:30-9:00 pm
Adults, hybrid





David Gray Studios


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