Commercial Audition Technique

The skills needed to book commercials are unique. 

We know exactly what it takes to stand out, get pinned, and book the job.

Our Approach

Unlocking the secrets of Commercial Acting with Curt Mega. This class will take you behind the scenes of how commercials ACTUALLY get made to help you understand the process and nail the audition. Let’s be honest, commercials can range from silly, to simple, to truly bizarre and strange. Understanding and identifying what makes a commercial work, what the casting director is looking for, what the client expects, and how to bring that all together ON camera as the actor is a challenge, but once we learn the crack the code, an entire world of work can open up for us. 

What can you expect to learn?

  1.  On Camera Work
  2.  Group reads
  3.  Partner reads
  4.  Mix and Matches
  5.  Solo work
David Gray Studios

Class Schedule






3-4:30 pm
All Ages, hybrid







David Gray Studios

Our Alumni

  1. Take a look at just a few of the marketing campaigns have been a part of!