Young Adults

Find acting classes for all ages at David Gray Studios.


DG Studios is a vocational acting school. Everyone who comes to us is hustling. It is not our goal to build students from the ground up, but take the tools that they already have and help them apply them effectively.

We of course want to see you develop in your craft while you are in our classroom, but that you are able to put it into action and build your career as an actor.

For Young Adults, we specifically offer Scene Study and TV/Film Audition Technique, our most popular class. We also offer a variety of other courses that you can take at any age including: Scene Study, Commercial Audition Technique, and Musical Theater.

All Classes:


TV/Film Audition Technique
1-3:00 pm

Young adults, Zoom


4-5:30 pm

All Ages, in person


Scene Study
6-7:30 pm
Teens & Young Adults, hybrid


Commercial Audition Technique
4-6:00 pm

All Ages, hybrid

TV/Film Audition Technique
6-8:00 pm

Young adults, hybrid




Commercial Audition Technique
12-2:00 pm
All Ages, hybrid

Musical Theater
12-2:00 pm
All Ages, hybrid


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