Do you want to refine your skills and get one-on-one feedback? Need an experienced reader that can give you some direction on your next self-tape? Private coaching is for you!

Our Process

At DG Studios, we also offer private coaching. Our instructors are working actors with years of experience in their respective industries. Our instructors will coach, tape, edit, and submit your audition – all you have to do is show up. Our instructors not only stay booked and busy themselves, but they also have the highest booking ratio on Earth for their students!

Private Coaching at David Gray Studios

Our Facilities

Though we offer online coaching via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc, we also have a studio with classrooms and self tape spaces for in-person coaching. 

Our Coaches

Coaches That are Working Actors

David Gray | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

David Gray

Anthony Ocasio | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

Anthony Ocasio

Curt Mega | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

Curt Mega

Kim Whalen | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

Kim Whalen

Kenton Duty | Acting Coach | David Gray Studios

Kenton Duty